Mentawai at its BEST

A real surfing show in two of the best Mentawai waves!

Mentawai at its BEST

Last month has been super active with plenty swell hitting the Mentawai Islands producing excellent waves all over the place. Most of the DREAMED and famous waves were on fire, blessing surfers with epic sessions. A real surfing show exclusive for the spectators on the channel and the boats.

Last month May, began with a bang .There was no SHORTAGE of swell, predominantly from the SSW direction. Some of the most desired and consistent waves in the area, HT’s and Maccarronis, which never disappoint the travelers, deliver the goods for the lucky ones. A good guide knows that a swell direction like this, it is impossible not to score perfect condition on both spots and our guests could enjoy the surfing feast.

June started with pumping 6-8ft HT’s breaking all the way from “The Office” to the “Surgeon Table”. Pure perfection Special mention for late June swell in the area, Maccas and HT’s pumped all week and the boys were out there again to register for us. Last month was a combination of fresh ground swell with light ensure the surfing was pretty much epic! The crew on board Star Koat kindly put together some of the highlights produce on the sessions captured by the lens of our filmmaker Paulo Mendes.

Swell charters are showing that the best still to come, next few days Indonesia is expecting what is been called already “the swell of the decade” with forecasts predicting excellent surf conditions. Do not miss this opportunity and check the amazing LAST MINUTE SPECIALS for Star Koat and Moon Palikir.

The result you see on this movie clip full of action and beautiful images from the islands.

Sampai jumpah!

Mentawai Surf Charters mission is to offer a high quality service and provide our guests a unique surf experience in the most consistent and world class waves surf destination, the Mentawais and Telo Island.


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