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Advises to well behave in the water

A few good surf trip tips to well behave when getting to a break where there’s already one boat with its passenger surfing, consider wait for a little while and before enter the water also do it on small groups. Put yourself on the same situation, you are surfing and another boat arrives and before the anchor is lowered, a group of ten surfers paddled your way?

There are some reef breaks with a very short take off area, different from beach breaks. Respect your turn is crucial on a spot like that, do not snake your way to get the preference. Not all the surfers have the same level as you but they have the same right to get that perfect set wave. So remember, be on the deepest take off spot doesn´t mean you have the preference and if you paddle for a wave your turn to go is gone.

Do NOT drop in the other surfers this is a basic surf rule and do not forget that you are surfing over a shallow reef and a crash can turn into a serious accident for both. There are no local surfers in the Mentawai, so respecting each other and everyone’s turns is the way to go as we all looking for the same perfect wave.

If it’s your turn to go and you don’t like the wave, raise both arms in advance so the other surfers have time to paddled for that wave.

Give away waves to fellow passengers or to surfers from other boats. It’s a much nice experience than to trying to get all the waves for yourself.

Remember everybody is there searching for that epic surf session, so enjoy as much as you can but don´t forget to respect the others, the place and the sea. The Islands are unique and we want to keep it this way.

Mentawai Surf Charters mission is to offer a high quality service and provide our guests a unique surf experience in the most consistent and world class waves surf destination, the Mentawais and Telo Island.


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