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Tips From The CREW

After years doing surf charters we have experienced a lot and here goes some useful tips to smooth out your surf trip.

To start with, a light and well packed will make your trip easy transiting through airports. Also make sure you are carrying all the documentation necessary in a safe place. Be prepared for some unexpected fees around the airports on the way.

Do not hesitate on saving money when it comes travel insurance, remember that you will be on a remote location and surfing over some sharp reef breaks, a good insurance can make the difference to avoid some headaches or even save your life.

We are not tell you what to bring, but these are some important items you should consider having on your bag.

Apart from your basic luggage here a good surf trip tips that what things you should consider bring: basic medication (fever, flu, earache, headache and others), hat, sunglasses and eye drops, personal first-aid kit, sun block and after sun cream, Surf shirt or a light wet suit for sun and reef protection, extra surfboard, tropical surf wax, surfboard repair kit, extra leg hopes, spare fins kit, surf hat, reef booties, books, Mp3 player, video camera. You can also bring some old board shorts or that shirt from the back of your closet, the locals will love it and you might be able to change for a nice souvenir or at least get a discount.

Always safety first

Once on board, pay attention on the rules and safety procedures on the boat, also listen to the crew they have the experience and are there to make your trip safety and pleasant. Respect with everybody is essential and will make the time on board enjoyable for all.

Listening to the surf trip tips from the surf guide will ensure you some great time on the water. Remember that is a long trip, donĀ“t go to hard on at the beginning, also respect your level of surfing.

It is very important to have the right attitude when on a boat trip, and that includes when surfing with other passenger from the same boat or from other boats. Sharing is part of the essence of these trips.

Just like you, everybody else wants surf the best waves.

Mentawai Surf Charters mission is to offer a high quality service and provide our guests a unique surf experience in the most consistent and world class waves surf destination, the Mentawais and Telo Island.


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